Hi, my name is Triantafyllia and I love Photography
I am the owner of Triantafyllia Photoshooting and I believe
that a photo can tell a story.
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About Me Triantafyllia Perraki


I wear the backpack and my favorite sneaker pink shoes. I get the hair up almost disheartening and I put an idea of hot pink lipstick to give a bit of a style to my unpretentious look. I hover the camera on the shoulder, I smile ... and another adventure for me starts!

I go out there to the wonderful world. To capture pictures, looks. To be silent between you, to be a spectator in your own film. To give smiles and share with you the most special, the most beautiful moments of your life.

Your wedding, the arrival and the baptism of your children, your wedding anniversary, your parties. I'll also be next to your new business start to photograph your business or a product. If you are an artist, I will give you unique photos for your personal portfolio.

I will gladly attend in all your social events.

And if you are away, do not hesitate to contact me. My soul traveler will travel with you on a magical journey, with nice shots and real moments of real people!

Click ... I'm waiting for you.


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Fill out the form below to send us an inquiry. For all other questions, or to reach us directly, you can email me at info@triantafylliaphotoshooting.com or call us +30 697 011 1551.

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